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Okeechobee County (Fla.) district is replacing its aging high school

May 23, 2023
A new Okeechobee High will be built behind the existing facility.

The Okeechobee County (Fla.) district has broken ground on a long-awaited replacement for the aging high school.

Lake Okeechobee News reports that renderings of the school depict a two-story brick building. Plans call for a larger gym, dedicated wrestling and weightlifting rooms, and expanded bathrooms.

The bleachers will seat 2,200, and the court will be large enough to hold two volleyball games at the same time.

The new auditorium at the school would seat over 490 people, have a dedicated concession stand, and have ample storage space backstage.

The new Okeechobee High will be built behind the existing building on the same property. Eventually the old high school buildings will be torn down; that area will function as the parking lot of the new school.

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