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New high school opens in Ferndale (Wash.) district

Jan. 6, 2023
A voter-approved 2019 bond provided funds for the new Ferndale High.

The Ferndale (Wash.) district welcomed students this week to a new high school building.

The Cascadia Daily News reports that the new building features a three-story academic wing filled with classrooms, staff spaces and a new library. Each floor has about a dozen classrooms, staff areas and collaborative spaces. 

The collaborative spaces in hallways and outside classrooms provide students with extra flexible space for instruction. Staff can use it for one-on-one or group instruction, or students can use the space for quiet, solo studying.

Staff and administrative offices are housed on the first floor. A large commons area connects the academic wing to a second wing that houses an auxiliary gym, the main gym and career and technical education spaces. The performing arts center is one of the few buildings from the old campus to remain.

A fence will surround the school to limit access points. 

The new building now accommodates about 1,375 students, but the design allows for additions that could increase that to 1,600.

The new building is a result of a $112 million bond issue approved in 2019. A majority — $105 million — was designated for the new high school. The district also received an additional $20.8 million in state matching funds.

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