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1,400-seat auditorium, updated natatorium under construction at Greenfield-Central High School in Greenfield, Ind.

Sept. 4, 2022
The new auditorium will replace an outdated facility and will feature a high-tech sound system and LED lighting.

Greenfield-Central High School is building a new auditorium and expanded natatorium on its Greenfield, Ind., campus. 

The 1,400-seat performing arts center will feature a high-tech sound system and LED lighting and will replace the school’s original auditorium, which will continue to be used as a theater and possibly large group instruction space, reports The Greenfield Daily Reporter

The construction project also will expand the school’s natatorium space, increasing the seating from 145 to 295.

The two spaces will share a two-story glass entryway.

The new auditorium will also be available for public use and will provide more space for performances, meetings and other gatherings.

The auditorium will be built on the outer edge of the school, rather than the center of the building. 

The project is estimated to cost between $20 million and $25 million and will be funded through bond proceeds. 

The project is expected to take about two years to complete. 

 Lancer + Beebe is the architect.

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