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Medical school opening in Bentonville, Ark.

July 1, 2022
The Alice L. Walton School of Medicine's will focus on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

A four-year medical school, the Alice L. Walton School of Medicine, is opening in Bentonville, Ark.

The school is an independent nonprofit medical school and was previously called Whole Health School of Medicine and Health Sciences, reports Talk Business & Politics

The school will be built on about 20 acres and will sit east of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. 

The 154,000-square-foot facility will be a four-story building and will include learning halls and small group rooms, a library, clinical teaching spaces, administrative offices, a student lounge, theater, recreation and wellness areas, and more. 

Outdoor features of the rooftop park and surrounding site focus on holistically integrating the building with the woodlands of Crystal Bridges.

The medical school is a standalone sister organization of Bentonville nonprofit Whole Health Institute, which was created in 2020 by Walmart heiress and philanthropist Alice Walton.

The school’s four-year medical degree will integrate conventional medicine with holistic principles and self-care practices. The school will focus on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and will include an attached clinic for training.

Construction is expected to begin in spring of 2024 and the college hopes to welcome its first class in fall 2025.

Polk Stanley Wilcox is the architect.

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