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Charter network is building K-8 campus in Cibolo, Texas

April 25, 2022
Legacy Traditional Schools is constructing an 87,000-square-foot building that will accommodate about 1,410 students.

The Legacy Traditional Schools charter network is building a K-8 campus in Cibolo, Texas

The 87,000-square-foot building will accommodate about 1,410 students, reports KSAT-TV

The facility will feature 47 classrooms, offices, a gym, athletic fields, a library, a piano lab, an indoor basketball court and artificial turf field, and a commercial kitchen and cafeteria.

Legacy, which operates in Arizona, Nevada, and Texas, already has pre-K through 12th grade programs in the San Antonio area. Its campuses include Kelley Elementary, Walker Elementary, Lee Academy, and Saenz Jr. High School.

Construction is expected to be completed in January 2023. 

Guido Construction is the builder, and Knit Studios is the architect.  

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