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$75 million state grant will help fund medical building at East Carolina University

Dec. 2, 2021
The grant will enable the university to construct the nearly $215 million facility.

The Brody School of Medicine on the Greenville, N.C., campus of East Carolina University is constructing a $215 million medical education building.

The existing building was built to accommodate about 72 students. Over the course of the building’s lifetime, the university has expanded the program to about 80 students, reports Pirate Media 1.

A state grant of about $75 million will help fund the new building. 

With the new facility, the university is hoping to expand the program to about 120 students. 

Facility features will include new classrooms, clinical space, labs and technology. 

The new medical education building will enable faculty and staff to train students. Funding allocated for programs like rural medical residencies will train providers to serve in rural settings and deliver health care in underserved areas.

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