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Pennsylvania district plans new building to replace its high and intermediate schools

March 12, 2021
The Pequea Valley school board has decided to spend up to $69 million on a new facility for grades 7 to 12.

The Pequea Valley (Pa.) school board has decided to construct a new academic building that will replace the district’s high and intermediate schools.

Lancaster Online reports that the district will spend between $63.8 million and $69.3 million to erect a new academic building in Kinzers, Pa., for students in grades seven to 12.

The district also will consider an option to install a new private sewer line, at a cost of $677,000, and a water line for $853,000.

Total estimated costs for all of the campus construction range from $75.9 million to $83.2 million. The existing intermediate and high school facilities will be converted to athletic space.

Architects expect to complete the design of the new facility later this year; construction is projected to be complete in 2025. Last month, board members voted to issue a maximum of $70 million in bonds to pay for the construction.

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