Kahler Slater
Miami Dade College's Center for Learning, Innovation and Simulation

Medical Innovation Center opens at Miami Dade College

July 29, 2019
The Center for Learning, Innovation and Simulation will enable the college to expand its health science offerings.

Miami Dade College has unveiled its new Center for Learning, Innovation and Simulation in Miami.

The five-story, 135,000-square-foot facility was built on the college's Medical Campus and will enable the school to expand its health sciences offerings, and create partnerships with Miami-area health care providers.

“Health care occupations are expected to grow by 18 percent by 2026,” says Dr. Bryan Stewart, Medical Campus President. “We’re going to be able to offer students the technology and resources they need to fill many of the ‘hot’ new jobs.”

An advanced medical simulation center occupies the building’s third floor, enabling students to gain essential hands-on experience working in a variety of clinical environments, including emergency, surgery, labor and delivery, primary care and home health care.

It features 15 hospital/patient rooms with high-fidelity mannequins, a simulated ambulance, a simulated one-bedroom apartment, 10 exam rooms where students will interact with actors trained to portray patients, a five-sided CAVE virtual reality space, debrief rooms where students and faculty gather to review just-completed exercises, and a partner/sponsor space. 

In addition to the simulation center, the Center for Learning, Innovation and Simulation has a variety of classroom, collaboration and gathering spaces.

Among them are active learning classrooms; a 300-person multipurpose conference center; a 150-person tiered lecture facility with technology at each seat; smaller lecture classrooms; wet labs; physical therapy, occupational therapy and physician assistant labs; a radiology suite and student breakout spaces.

The architects are Harvard Jolly and Kahler Slater.

The Center will primarily be used by college students and faculty, but it also will be available to local health care organizations for staff training and research.

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