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Plans in motion to renovate, expand Long Beach Poly High School campus in Long Beach, Calif.

Nov. 28, 2022
The proposed changes include seven new academic buildings, three new sports facilities, and two new parking structures

Long Beach Poly High School in Long Beach, Calif., is in store for a major campus upgrade. 

The school has not received upgrades in more than half a century, reports the Long Beach Post

The proposed changes call for seven new academic buildings, three new sports facilities, two new parking structures, and dozens of other major renovations and upgrades.

The school serves more than 4,000 students and is the largest school in the Long Beach (Calif.) district. But except for an auditorium, it hasn’t had a new building or major renovation in decades.

The plan calls for major renovations (without demolition) of all the buildings around Poly’s quad; the construction of a new three-story administration building; two other new school buildings; a new drama/choral building and three new class buildings; a new outdoor pool; a new two-story gymnasium; two new parking structures, including one with a tennis court and seating on its roof.

In the process of renovating the campus, some historic buildings are slated for demolition, including the school’s indoor natatorium and the Ron Palmer Pavilion basketball gym.

The new parking structures will add more than 400 spots to the campus and will include electric vehicle chargers.

LPA Design Studios is the architect. 

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