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Lansing (Mich.) district is merging two Montessori schools into a K-8 facility

March 4, 2022
Woodcreek Montessori Academy and Wexford Montessori Academy will consolidate operations in the Wexford building.

The Lansing (Mich.) district is merging two of its Montessori schools in one K-8 building. 

The Lansing State Journal reports the district will merge Woodcreek Montessori Academy, which houses six through eighth grades, and Wexford Montessori Academy, which houses pre-K through fifth grades, into the Wexford building. 

The old Woodcreek Montessori building will be remodeled and updated this summer. District officials said the building will possibly serve as an additional event space; no specific plans are slated yet.

The Wexford building will undergo renovations. The district will install an outdoor walking track and a pavilion to act as an open-air classroom. 

Woodcreek staff will also merge with Wexford.

In addition to providing a universal preschool program, the school is divided into multi-age classrooms, including rooms for kindergartners and first graders, second and third graders, and fourth and fifth graders. After the merger, sixth, seventh and eighth graders will be together. 

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