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Michigan State University selects designers for Engineering and Digital Innovation Center

Oct. 25, 2023
The facility will be built in the central academic district of the East Lansing campus.

Michigan State University has selected HGA and Integrated Design Solutions to design the Engineering and Digital Innovation Center on the East Lansing campus.

The 270,000-square-foot building will be constructed in the central academic district near the Engineering Building and the STEM Teaching and Learning Facility.

The facility will have active learning classrooms, teaching laboratories, research and instructional project studios, and an Esports competition space. The building will also have experimental and computational research laboratories and flexible modular research units, as well as vibrant community spaces for gathering and collaboration.

Michigan State's Engineering and Digital Innovation Center will:

  • support an increase in enrollment of new undergraduate students in computational sciences, digital literacy disciplines, and in graduate-related programs;
  • prepare graduates with skills in computational sciences and digital literacy necessary for postgraduate success;
  • become a center for excellence in advanced manufacturing, materials science, ultrafast science, and quantum computing, including heterogeneous micro-electronic technologies;
  • support the consolidation of top ranked researchers and students, enabling new synergies, enhancing potential for discovery, and increasing potential to attract significant federal funding in high-demand research areas; and
  • create a physical and symbolic gateway to the university's digital future.

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