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District in West Virginia will build preK-8 campus to replace facilities lost in 2016 flood

Oct. 12, 2023
The Nicholas County school board says building one school rather than separate elementary and middle school facilities will lower construction costs by $7 million.

The Nicholas County (West Virginia) school board has voted to build a preK-8 campus to replace facilities extensively damaged in 2016 floods.

WCHS-TV reports that that the board opted to build one K-8 campus on the Glade Creek site near Summersville instead of separate facilities for grades 6-8 and preK-5. District leaders say that constructing a consolidated campus will save Nicholas County $7 million.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which is providing most of the funding for the new facility, had already given its OK to plans for either one or two facilities.

The school system has faced numerous delays and reported a $72 million budgetary shortfall as it pursued plans to replace and improve school facilities affected by the flood.

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