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Warwick, Rhode Island, city council releases $350 million for construction of 2 high schools

Sept. 25, 2023
Voters approved a bond proposal last year, but the city council held onto the funds until a feasibility study determined the bonds would cover the construction costs.

Warwick, Rhode Island, will move ahead with plans to build two new high schools after the City Council approved the release of $350 million in bond funds.

The Providence Journal reports that voters approved the bond measure in November 2022, but the City Council and Mayor Frank Picozzi had a consultant conduct a feasibility study to make sure that the $350 million would be enough to cover the replacement of Toll Gate and Pilgrim high schools.

The city's consultant, Ellana Inc., determined that $350 million should be enough to cover construction of the new high schools.

The state will cover 52% of the cost of building the schools, $182 million.

The design process for the new facilities could take up to a year, and then the city has 5½ years to complete the schools to get the 52% match from the state.

Plans call for the new schools to be built on the fields of the existing schools. When construction is completed, the old facilities will be torn down and sports fields built in their place.

Building the new schools also may enhance the quality of education and bring more jobs to Warwick, City Council President Stephen McAllister said.

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