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Bowling Green (Ohio) district unveils proposed design for new high school

Sept. 1, 2023
The district has a $72.8 million bond proposal on the November ballot that would provide funds for the project.

The Bowling Green (Ohio) district has unveiled a proposed design for a new high school

WTOL-TV reports that the proposal calls for constructing a new building, renovating about half of the existing high school and demolishing the other half.

The school board has placed a $72.8 million bond proposal on the Nov. 7 ballot to acquire funding for the construction project.

The campus upgrade also would include construction of geothermal wells on school grounds to reduce energy costs.

The designer of the proposed high school is DLR Group.

Over the past several years, Bowling Green voters have rejected Bowling Green's requests for additional funding.

Despite this, some people were hopeful that the levy will pass.

"Hopefully, the people will come out and vote and say yes so we can build a new school because we really need it," said Dee Phipps, a grandmother to Bowling Green City Schools students.

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