Keller Independent School District
Trinity Meadows Intermediate School

Keller (Texas) district sues architect and builder over facility conditions at intermediate school

Oct. 3, 2017
The district contends that a faulty foundation at Trinity Meadows Intermediate School has led to structural defects.

The Keller (Texas) district has sued the firms that designed and built one of its intermediate schools 11 years ago over what it contends is a faulty foundation that has resulted in structural defects.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram reports that Trinity Meadows Intermediate School in Fort Worth, which opened in 2006, is beset by deteriorating conditions such as cracks in walls and concrete, and doors that stick.

The district contends that the problems are much worse than they should be for a building of Trinity Meadows’ age.

“The problems have gotten worse in the last year and escalated within the last few months,” says Amanda Bigbee, the school district’s lawyer.

No extensive repairs have been required yet at Trinity Meadows, says Hudson Huff, director of facilities services for the Keller school district. But some work may be needed in the next five years.

The district says it was necessary to file a suit to protect the school district’s interests.

An independent engineering firm has done an initial assessment of the damage, and officials say it poses no safety threat to students or staff.

The defendants named in the lawsuit are the architecture firm, Hahnfeld, Hoffer & Stanford; a structural engineering firm, MYD Structural Engineers; and Steele & Freeman, a construction company.

The suit alleges negligence, breach of warranty and breach of contract by the defendants and seeks the cost of repairs and attorney fees.

Attorneys representing the firms named in the suit contend that there are no problems associated with the construction of the school.

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