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And speaking of security

And speaking of security

Some comments from our blog regarding the following scenario: The Harrold (Texas) school board has decided to allow employees to carry concealed weapons if they have a state permit and permission from the administration. Will armed teachers and other employees enhance security and student safety?

  • ”I do not think it is prudent to have the teachers and administrators carry weapons. Any student who gains control of the weapon can cause a scene. As a youngster, I would feel threatened by a teacher who ‘carried’ and would find them unapproachable. Also, who will pay for the firearms-the voters?”

  • ”I cannot believe that a school district would even consider giving teachers and other employees ‘permission’ to carry concealed weapons. If I were a teacher in this school I would resign immediately. This is just a horrible accident waiting to happen. Schools should be a safe haven for students and the absolute last place you expect to find weapons.”

  • “The bad guys will have guns regardless of what rules or laws we pass. It is prudent to have the right people armed. By right people, I mean those who not only have had the proper background checks and received the appropriate training on safety, the use of deadly force, etc., but also have had psychological evaluation to ensure that they are properly prepared to employ force if it is required.”

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