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Product Solutions May-June 2024

June 5, 2024

ProTeam's GoFit® 3 / 6 Cordless Series

Emerson has introduced ProTeam’s GoFit 3 / 6 Cordless Series backpack vacuum cleaners. The 3- and 6-quart cordless vacuums combine the comfort of a lighter-weight profile with the cord-free convenience of advanced Lithium-ion battery power. The vacuums provide high-efficiency cleaning and come equipped with ProTeam’s advanced filtration and ergonomic quick-adjust harness system. Because there are no cords, there are no tripping hazards for users or pedestrians in high-traffic areas or stairways. The 4Ah battery runs about 51 minutes on low or 39 minutes on high, and the 8Ah battery runs about 106 minutes on low or 83 minutes on high. 

Smarter bottle filling stations from Zurn Elkay

Zurn Elkay Water Solutions has launched an extension to its ezH2O® Bottle Filling Station line. Now, the ezH2O units have been made smarter. The connected units offer fresh, filtered water while letting facility managers track stats across every unit. The units are ideal for large offices, airports, colleges and public facilities. Campuses and large complexes can track bottles saved, filter status and water usage, and schedule flushing events to help keep lines cleaner. Select enhanced units also have a quick filter-change wrapper for easy access to the filter.


KIRA B 50 automatic scrubber from Kärcher

Kärcher's newest autonomous cleaning machine is the KIRA B 50 scrubber. Three-dimensional sensing along with integrated laser scanners ensures reliable, consistent navigation. An optional docking station and lithium-ion batteries enable KIRA B 50 to perform rapid, autonomous resource exchanges. With a working width of 22 inches, a maximum working speed of 2.7 mph and the powerful 160 Ah lithium-ion battery, the scrubber brings an area performance of up to 25,450 ft²/h in autonomous mode. KIRA B 50 is an ideal addition to applications such as logistics, transportation, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and education.

Aluflam’s True Aluminum Framing with new CONTRAFLAM® One glass

Aluflam North America has announced a significant advancement in its true aluminum framing system. Using Ventrotech's groundbreaking CONTRAFLAM® One glass, Aluflam can now provide substantially larger openings in its fire-rated storefront and curtainwall systems. This opens up new possibilities for projects to feature bigger windows and brighter, more inviting interiors. Employing the fire-resistive glass technology, architects and designers can take advantage of the highest visible light transmittance, a broader range of temperature resistance, significant weight savings, and up to 35% less embedded 
carbon than the previous generation of Contraflam.

New phenolic lockers from Bradley

Bradley Company has introduced a collection of phenolic lockers designed to enhance style, maintenance and storage customization options. Durable and water- and moisture-resistant, the lockers stand up well to wet environments, heavy use and tough conditions. The lockers’ resistance to moisture helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew, and a smooth nonporous finish ensures a hygienic, easy-to-clean and low-maintenance solution. The resiliency of solid core phenolic lockers makes them perfect for high-traffic and moisture-prone applications. A variety of lockers, Z-lockers, cubby lockers and pedestal benches are available in a wide range of sizes, tiers, and colors.

FlexCourt indoor pickleball surface

Ecore has introduced FlexCourt, a portable, comfortable, high-performance indoor pickleball surface. FlexCourt features an 8mm vulcanized composition rubber base layer and is ideal for a wide range of facilities, from fitness clubs and gyms to convention centers. The court consists of interlocking tiles that can create a temporary or permanent pickleball court installation. Tiles are offered in two sizes: standard/regulation and a mini option for tighter spaces or portable play. The high-performance surface is engineered for heavy foot traction and remarkable speed with a high ball rebound rating for consistent, high-quality play.

Array air quality system from Fellowes

Fellowes' Array™ air quality system for higher education campuses offers innovative networked technology and advanced air cleaning capabilities that enable colleges and universities to form complete, integrated and scalable networks for healthful air. Most commercial HVAC systems aim to meet the MERV 13 standard of filtration, but Array’s H13 True HEPA filters are twice as effective without compromising efficiency. The innovative design pulls contaminants out of the breathing zone and pushes clean air into the room to improve ventilation effectiveness.

Solar benches from Bluebolt Outdoor

Bluebolt Outdoor LLC has installed solar-powered benches on the campus of California State University, Dominguez Hills. Provided to the university at no cost, the benches offer  a convenient place to rest that is equipped with device-charging capabilities, all powered by the sun. "The Bench" operates entirely off the grid, relying on solar power stored in a lithium battery within the unit. This configuration allows for device charging and additional campus lighting in the evening, with enough stored power to last up to five days. Each bench features two backlit advertising panels. Bluebolt has planned installations at more campuses this summer.


Airius introduces Onyx 560 fans

Airius has introduced the newest and largest addition to its Onyx Series of fans. The Onyx 560 is engineered to provide outstanding cooling and air mixing for a comfortable and consistent indoor environment. With a significantly longer air throw than traditional ceiling fans, the fan is a great alternative to high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans. The Onyx 560's innovative design facilitates installation in locations inaccessible to HVLS ceiling fans. Designed with an aluminum enclosure and EC motor technology, the Onyx 560 will integrate into existing infrastructures or new construction projects.

Lupa luminaires from Cyclone Lighting

Cyclone Lighting, a manufacturer of outdoor luminaires, has introduced its Lupa luminaire. Lupa features a disk shape, no visible hardware, and a seamlessly integrated arm to bring a contemporary feel and refined look to public spaces. It is intended for urban landscapes such as parks, courtyards, and university campuses. Lupa was designed with lower pole heights to contribute to a feeling of security. Yet, its light engine produces a gentler, more comfortable gradient for a softer look and glare-free environment. Lupa’s light engine also features the latest ink technology in its diffuser to deliver broader, more even light distribution.

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