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Product Solutions March-April 2024

April 8, 2024


Variety of ceilings reflect new image of Alabama A&M event center 

Administrators of Alabama A&M University in Huntsville wanted a new multipurpose events center that would house not only athletic teams but also a variety of campus and community events.  

As part of that design vision, the architectural team at Nola|Van Peursem Architects selected a variety of ceilings depending on the function of the space. Perforated WoodWorks® DesignFlex Shapes from Armstrong in a walnut finish were chosen for the main entrance/lobby. DesignFlex ceilings provide the opportunity to mix and match shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to create a signature ceiling.

Optima® DesignFlex Shapes were selected for many of the hallways, the entrance to the athletic arena, and the University Hall of Fame. Smooth-textured Optima ceilings provide excellent acoustical absorption (NRC = 0.95), light reflectance, and durability. Trapezoids and triangles were once again the primary shapes.

ProjectWorks®, the Armstrong design and pre-construction service, assisted in the project by providing a comprehensive drawing package to support the DesignFlex portion of the project. It included panel, grid, and hub layouts. 

For the athletic locker room, the architects selected Arktura® Vapor® Cloud Dense ceiling panels. The aluminum ceiling has perforated torsion spring panels in which the holes are staggered to produce an eye-catching visual. The school wanted the locker room ceiling to be impressive because the room is a key element of campus tours when recruiting athletes.

Custom colored “Bulldog Maroon” Suprafine® suspension systems from Armstrong were used throughout much of the building to boost the school’s strong branding.

Bobrick’s B-8281 SureFlo® Automatic Top-Fill Bulk Foam Soap Dispenser

The SureFlo® Automatic, Top-Fill Bulk Foam Soap Dispenser has a touch-free sensor, so there is no direct contact between the patron and the dispenser, preventing cross-contamination. The dispenser is compatible with any foam bulk jug soap available on the open market, which may save 80% or more soap cost savings.

New higher-efficiency air filters from Greentech

Greentech Environmental has announced a new lineup of high-efficiency True Mechanical MERV 13A filters. The Greentech Filters+ incorporate ODOGard® technology, revolutionizing odor elimination at the molecular level within the filter. The filter represents the fusion of two pioneering technologies, high-capacity, ultrafine filtration and advanced odor elimination, setting a new standard for air filtration. Greentech Filters+ have been engineered to meet the demands of both modern and older HVAC systems, effectively addressing the requirements of post-pandemic facilities.

Gerflor unveils Creation Giidepoint LVT for school facilities

Gerflor, a manufacturer of specialized resilient flooring for sport, commercial, transport, and residential environments, has unveiled a line of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) for education facilities. Creation GuidePoint is designed to transform education spaces. It has a blended tonal design, carefully curated in a palette of neutrals and modern accents. Whether it's a classroom, library, or common area, GuidePoint is designed to be versatile while maintaining a distinct identity for each space. Backed by industry certifications, our LVT ensures the highest standards of performance, meeting and exceeding the rigorous criteria set for indoor air quality and durability.

AERCO introduces the CFR boiler

AERCO introduces the CFR boiler, the world’s first stainless steel condensing Category I boiler that features up to 87.6% thermal efficiency. CFR enables building owners and facility managers to cost-effectively upgrade their boiler plant and maximize performance without replacing existing Cat I/Type B venting. AERCO designed the CFR to be a cost-effective approach to replace a non-condensing boiler plant with a condensing model by eliminating the need to update piping and venting typically required for condensing operation. Available in 1500 MBH and 3000 MBH models,

Allseating expands its Tuck and Exchange collections

Allseating, which provides ergonomic seating solutions for the office, educational, hospitality, and healthcare industries has announced enhancements to two of its collections: a new mesh back for Tuck and a highback for Exchange. These new features respond to the growing need for adaptable furniture that caters to collaborative environments. The new highback addition for Exchange offers increased support and comfort, catering to the evolving needs of modern workspaces.  The new mesh back for Tuck offers increased breathability and comfort for diverse settings like education, healthcare, and corporate environments.

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