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Product Solutions January-February 2024

Feb. 2, 2024

Acrovyn with Post-Consumer Recycled Content

Construction Specialties (CS) has introduced Acrovyn® with post-consumer recycled content, the newest evolution of Acrovyn® Wall Protection. Acrovyn was launched in 1969 to help hospital administrators with the seemingly endless cycle of hospital wall repair. Since then, CS has worked to improve the processes and materials used in its products. Testing confirms that this iteration of Acrovyn possesses the same characteristics as the current offering, yet consists of up to 50% post-consumer recycled content.


XG-AFL Series Linear Diffusers from Greenheck

Greenheck's XG-AFL Series of architectural high-capacity linear slot diffusers are designed for ceiling and sidewall installation in variable volume or constant volume air distribution systems. Available in single-section lengths up to 96 inches with one or two slots, XG-AFL Series diffusers can be specified in various frame types and eight border configurations to complement any interior. XG-AFL Series diffusers can be curved to produce a flat, concave, or convex face ceiling unit. Straight or combination pattern controllers are easily adjustable, enabling airflow to be directed horizontally or vertically.


Zurn Elkay Expands Filtration Capabilities

Zurn Elkay Water Solutions Corporation has launched its first combined lead-, PFOA- and PFOS-reducing filter integrated into Elkay® bottle filling stations and faucets for schools, hospitals, airports and other commercial and residential applications. The new 2,250-gallon WaterSentry® 71300C product is certified to reduce PFOA and PFOS as well as lead, cysts, Class I particulates and chlorine taste and odor from drinking water. The 2,250-gallon capacity equates to eliminating the use of 14,400 single-use 20-ounce plastic water bottles. For ease of maintenance, the 71300C filter is equipped with a quick-disconnect, ¼-turn installation and an automatic inlet shut-off valve that closes when the filter is removed.


Tarkett launches the Collaborative collection of soft surface and LVT flooring

Tarkett has launched the full Collaborative portfolio, which includes 11 soft surface and LVT flooring designs. The collection's mix of patterns provides spaces with agility to meet changing demands and embrace neurodiverse work styles, offering solutions for busy, collaborative areas as well as quiet, heads-down zones. In creating the collection, the design team explored various art forms, including mark-making, spraying and brushing watercolor paint, and layering paper. The Collaborative collection offers a variety of visual patterns each designed to support different needs in the workplace. “With Collaborative, we celebrate coming together as individuals to build and create,” said Omoleye Simmons, by Tarkett’s vice president of design for its commercial business. “All the elements in Collaborative work together to create inclusive destinations where cultures can thrive.”



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