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Product Solutions September-October 2023

Oct. 11, 2023

Charter School Cleans Classroom Air with UV-C 

As part of its Covid-19 Prevention Program, the Public Safety Academy of San Bernardino used engineering controls, including UV-C technology to “inactivate viruses that travel through the HVAC airstream.”

Ultraviolet light, or UV-C, is a decades-old, powerful, scientifically validated technology that can neutralize airborne pathogens in less than a second.

School administrators acquired multiple germicidal disinfection systems from UV Resources.

“We needed a proven infection-control-strategy that did not generate hazardous chemicals, VOCs, ozone or other dangerous byproducts,” said Steve Filson, the academy's director of security and cadet services. “Germicidal UV-C lights continually disinfect the air in classrooms and public areas to create healthy, productive spaces for our students and staff.”

The school deployed more than 60 UV-C disinfection fixtures in the upper air/room of communal school spaces such as the classrooms, library, gym, lunch and multipurpose rooms. In addition, UV-C fixtures were installed in duct and HVAC systems that served classrooms. A typical germicidal UV-C in-duct system can disinfect a room’s total air volume multiple times each hour.

Moreover, according to public health researchers, healthier air means fewer sick days, improved attendance and better academic performance. Like many elementary and high schools, the public charter school used some of its federal pandemic recovery funds to help pay for the UV-C disinfection technology.



Guardian G3: The Future of Emergency Lighting is Now

Extronix has introduced the Guardian G3 emergency lighting system that is designed to simplify code compliance, minimize the risk of personnel accidents, and reduce operating and maintenance expenses.  This comprehensive solution offers automated testing, remote monitoring, and centralized reporting of emergency fixture status, all from a single location. You can connect up to 100 fixtures to a single gateway, making it ideal for large facilities.


New Undermount Fire Barrier Minimizes Smoke Passage

Construction Specialties, manufacturer of high-performance architectural building products, introduces a new undermount model to its FB-17 series of expansion joint fire barriers. This line of products effectively minimizes smoke passage while accommodating dynamic movement, without degradation of the material. The FB-17UM system installs from below the joint instead of from above, as is the normal installation for expansion joints. This makes it ideally suited for applications where access above the joint opening is not possible.



Next Generation Berner Air Curtain Fuses                                     

Berner International, manufacturer and innovator of air curtains, has introduced the Architectural Icon 8 and Icon 10. The two models make this collection the HVAC industry's  quietest high-performance air curtains for protecting open doorways where thermal comfort, aesthetics, and energy savings are valued. The Architectural Icon 8 and Icon 10 models are redesigns of Berner’s Architectural Low Profile 8 and Architectural High Performance 10 air curtains. The redesign uses the aerodynamic platform developed for Berner’s Architectural Contour air curtains. 


Kingspan Light + Air Launches KlearSky™ Metal Framed Glass Skylights 

Kingspan Light + Air, which provides daylighting, ventilation and smoke management solutions for the sustainable built environment, has introduced KlearSky™ metal framed glass skylights. They offer a wide range of options to suit diverse architectural needs. These options include standard configurations like pyramids, polygons, segmented barrel vaults, single slopes and ridges, in addition to fully customizable shapes. A varied array of UV-stable (non-yellowing) glass glazing options are also available to meet the most stringent energy code performance requirements.



TRUEGRID® ROOT® Permeable Pavers 

TRUEGRID ROOT  permeable pavers offer an affordable, high-performance solution for education facilities, and vehicle parking and storage. ROOT can be positioned on existing grass surfaces, functioning as a protective mesh that enables pedestrians, cars, and trucks to park or traverse the surface without creating mud or ruts. The pavers are constructed from 100% post-consumer recycled high-density polyethylene, which not only aids in purifying water by removing contaminants before it reaches the water table but also mitigates the “urban heat island effect” linked with concrete and asphalt paving. 


Juno Introduces Trac-Master® Narrow Profile LED Wall Wash Track Family

Juno, a manufacturer of downlighting and track lighting, has a new family of Trac-Master® Narrow Profile LED Wall Wash Track Fixtures. The fixtures provide intense, evenly distributed light with full-wall coverage, making them an ideal choice wherever a wide, uniform beam pattern is desired to enhance an accent wall, signage, product display, or any focal point on the room perimeter. Using 30% less materials than previous models, Juno’s slim, non-invasive design maintains a discreet presence. Minimal aperture brightness fights glare and improves user comfort.        



Long-Lasting Commercial Floors from Bjelin

The Hardened Wood collection from Bjelin withstands any scratch, dent or tear. These floors use ground-breaking technologies developed by Välinge Innovation to survive years without any damage, making them the perfect alternative to traditional wood flooring. Proven with a ball-drop test, Bjelin’s floors stand strong with Woodura® — a surface technology that ensures the floors are three times stronger than engineered wood floors. The hardening process provides a much stronger dent- and water-resistant surface that never needs to be sanded.



Lean Sustainable Luminaire

Lean Sustainable Luminaire from A-Light is a 2’ x 2’ acoustic lay-in luminaire that becomes part of an architectural ceiling tile while increasing sound absorption across ceiling planes. The luminaire’s indirect distribution delivers a soft, even illumination that reduces glare and shadows. Designers can use the fixture to turn project tiles into dynamic designs. Lean luminaires are 80% lighter than a typical 2’ x 2’ fixture and reduce the overall shipping impact by an estimated 88%.


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