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Product Solutions September 2022

Sept. 22, 2022
Halo™ Swing-Activated Faucet and Eyewash

Save space in labs, workspaces and classrooms with Bradley’s Halo™ Swing-Activated Faucet and Eyewash. Designed with a faucet and emergency eyewash in one fixture, this model is compact, convenient and reliable for handwashing and eye flushing.


Your one-stop shop for education flooring

With a full portfolio of LVT, carpet tile and nora® rubber flooring solutions to meet the high-performance needs of any school environment, Interface has your classrooms, corridors and cafeterias covered.


Why Improved Water Delivery Matters

When it comes to accessing water, many are conscious of how to transition back to public spaces. Elkay's ezH2O bottle filling stations and ezH2O Liv Pro use hands-free systems to deliver cleaner, healthier water, putting minds at ease.


Meet Our Smallest Backpack Vacuum

Introducing our smallest backpack vacuum — the ultimate cleaning solution unit packed in 3 quarts. Make no mistake; it packs the same big vacuum power you expect from ProTeam.


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