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Product Solutions March 2022

March 14, 2022

Pennsylvania university saves over $200,000 in energy costs

Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa., built he five-story STEPS (Science, Technology, Environment and Policy Studies) Building in 2010. The building houses many of the university’s chemistry and biology labs. Laboratory buildings typically exhaust and intake substantial amounts of air to maintain safe indoor conditions.  As such, the energy consumption for HVAC in labs is relatively high compared with traditional classroom and office buildings.

The STEPS building was designed to achieve LEED Gold certification and originally was outfitted with energy recovery wheels. The wheels did not perform as expected and not long after commissioning stopped spinning. At that point, the energy wheels no longer recovered energy and were an obstacle to airflow. More energy was required for the blowers to be able to supply the required amount of airflow. 

The building’s maintenance and energy-efficiency staff at the university were looking for an alternative to the energy recovery wheel that could be retrofitted into the air handlers with minimal changes. It was determined that Advanced Cooling Technology’s Pump-Assisted Air-to-Air Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger (AAHX) technology would:

  • meet the university’s energy-recovery needs.
  • provide a system payback of two years.
  • prevent cross-air contamination with 100% of the outside air, even with the system having been installed prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lehigh University has access to energy for both cooling and heating at about $.02/kWh.  This is significantly lower than the typical energy costs of $.05 to $.10/kWh.

Extending the life of HVAC equipment

FrostShield from Addison is a revolutionary new mechanical and unit control technology that not only extends the operating range of air-source heat pumps, but also removes the need for the unit to enter defrost mode during heating operation. This feature extends the life of HVAC equipment, has the potential to save a tremendous amount of electrical energy, and improves occupant comfort.

The Intersection of Strength and Style

Designed to secure high-traffic spaces where aesthetics are important, the NEW CLX3300 Series ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 cylindrical lock is manufactured of the highest-quality materials to provide durability, strength, and reliability.

Fill Up, Cool Down, & Get Going with H2O-To-Go!

Help students hydrate the safe way with Murdock’s H2O-To-Go!® bottle fillers. Our touch-free bottle filler is made with easy-to-clean stainless steel and an antimicrobial backsplash to cut down on germs and provide a safer, more hygienic environment.

Cleaner Air for Students & Faculty

Breathe easier knowing that acoustic ceiling solutions contribute to indoor air quality. 24/7 Defend™ products control noise and help contain and clean the air. Explore products that will reassure students and staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A roof that remembers. Now that’s smart!

Roofs have finally caught up with technology. Well, at least Siplast has with embedded RoofTag RFID chips that, with a quick scan, allow you to access product data and job information. For keeping track of roofs, Siplast is the smart choice.

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