Schools clear out classrooms to battle dangerous mold

High levels of toxic mold prompted officials at

Lawrenceburg High School in Lawrenceburg, Ind.

, to close off some classrooms. The school is

the latest in a string of Tristate schools with mold problems this year

. Four of the five classrooms tested in the Indiana high school have mold infestation exceeding suggested safety guidelines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration....After many calls from parents worried about the mold found in

St. Charles East High School

, Illinois State Sen. Doris Karpiel has asked several state officials to brief her on mold, its health effects and

what remedies there might be for St. Charles District 303

. The school has been closed indefinitely because the potentially dangerous microorganisms have been found growing inside the school's walls.... ....Elevated levels of

mold and bacteria in two classrooms in Garfield Elementary School in Elgin, Ill., have prompted officials of School District 46 to close the areas. Pupils will be moved to other rooms of the building.

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