Mold forces Illinois district to house elementary students in high school building

Carpentersville, Ill.--First through 5th graders who were supposed to attend Woodland Elementary School before it was closed for mold contamination will be taught at Barrington High School. Kindergartners will attend Sunny Hill Elementary School near Woodland. EARLIER: Parents will hear contingency plans for relocating pupils if Woodland Elementary School cannot be opened because of mold. District 220 officials will present alternatives to parents at a meeting.
Almost 500 children in elementary school will not start classes as scheduled because health officials discovered extensive water damage at Woodland School in Carpentersville. (Chicago Tribune)

Other schools are plagued with mold...

Independence, Mo.--The pupils, parents and teaching staff who had expected to be attending classes at Spring Branch Elementary School ended up at a church about a half-mile from the school. Persistent mold in the school's air ducts have forced administrators to close the building for the next four weeks. EARLIER: Students at Spring Branch Elementary School will be relocated to another building for days and possibly weeks while workers remove mold that has contaminated the school. (Kansas City Star)

Romeo, Mich.--Classes in the Romeo Community School District in Michigan have been delayed while officials have all schools tested for the presence of dangerous mold. Black mold was discovered at the district's Washington Elementary School, and 500 students will be relocated for up to five months while the building is cleaned. Detroit Free Press article.
Detroit News article.

Northbrook, Ill.--Glenbrook High School is working to remove mold discovered in a theater and a photography lab. The school hopes to have the work done before school resumes next week. Chicago Tribune article.

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