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Maryland school says student's death was not caused by staff wrongdoing

The death of a student at a school for troubled boys did not stem from any wrongdoing by a staff member who physically confronted him before the youth collapsed, school officials say. Police, however, say they are awaiting results of an autopsy before deciding whether to charge anybody in the incident. A preliminary autopsy revealed no clear cause of the death of Carlton Eugene Thomas. ALSO: School officials say a counselor trying to subdue a student was straddling him when two other students fought with the staff member, and all three fell on the youth. The account by the head of the Edgemeade Raymond A. Rogers School was the first detailed description of the incident. The counselor had been placed on administrative leave with pay.

Earlier stories: A 17-year-old residential student at a Prince George's County, Md., private school for troubled teenage boys has died after a scuffle with a faculty member who had tried to subdue him. Carlton Eugene Thomas, 17, was a student at Edgemeade-Raymond A. Rogers Jr. School since 1999. Washington Post.
Baltimore Sun.

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