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Lake County, Fla., could close eight or more schools to cut costs

Eight or more small Lake County, Fla., public schools that officials say are inefficient and expensive to operate could be closed during the next few years. Although officials say the aim is to save money, some of the closings could be costly. Classrooms and other facilities, including a $1 million addition now under construction at Eustis Elementary School -- one of the schools on the list -- could go to waste if the schools are shut down.

Related articles: Construction of new residential developments in Lake County, Fla., could be blocked if seats aren't available in nearby schools. County commissioners and School Board members agree that rapid residential growth in Lake may have reached the point where restrictions are needed.

School Board members from Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties and home builders kick off a statewide campaign urging lawmakers to provide more funding for school construction.

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