Judge lets Lakeland, Fla., charter school in Lakeland, Fla., remain open

A circuit judge has issued an emergency injunction to let a charter school reopen. The judge says Renaissance Progressive School can stay open until the end of the school year--May 18--providing the school ensures fire safety. The Polk County School Board voted last week to revoke the school's charter for fire code violations and other problems, including improper zoning.

Earlier story: Saying the students' "health, safety and welfare" were at risk, the Polk County, Fla., school board voted 4-1 to close The Renaissance Progressive School, a charter school in Lakeland, Fla. The board revoked the school's charter status, and the 153 children at Renaissance must now either attend public schools in their attendance zone or find other schooling. The school was not zoned properly and had numerous fire code violations. Renaissance relocated to a new site in south Lakeland at the start of this school year. The school opened in 1997 in what is now a day care center.

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