Edison wins contract to run seven Clark County, Nev., schools

Edison Schools, contract in hand to take over seven Clark County, Nev., schools in the fall, is gearing up its staff training and preparing to let parents know what their children can expect. The Clark County School Board has voted to have Edison manage seven schools, despite opposition from employee union leaders and the public.

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Edison Schools Inc. chief executive Chris Whittle says his company failed in its attempt to take over management of five New York City schools because it unwisely accepted a plan with known flaws. "Our major mistake was made early. We were so excited about the opportunity to transform low-performing schools right in our own backyard that we agreed to a plan with flaws, however unintended by its authors."...A plan to privatize five failing New York City schools suffered a more stunning defeat than either side anticipated, with 80 percent of the parents who voted rejecting it....SAN FRANCISCO...The controversy over the city's Edison Charter Academy is emblematic of a wider philosophical split. To many children's advocates across the country, the fight over Edison is a last-ditch attempt to keep public education public, freely available and accountable to all children, whatever their race or background....Edison has 90 days to fix perceived shortcomings at the Edison Charter Academy in the San Francisco School District, or it will lose its contract. A school district report accused Edison of discriminating against black students, urging special education kids to apply elsewhere and threatening teachers.

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