Despite criticism, Columbine panel stands behind its report

From the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News

Despite harsh criticism from some victims and their families, members of the Colorado Governor's Columbine Review Commission are standing behind their final report. For many, the report fell short in terms of providing new information or offering creative suggestions for preventing similar tragedies. Brian Rohrbough, father of slain student Daniel Rohrbough, says the report fails to hold authorities accountable for missing warning signs and botching the police response to the massacre.

The Columbine killings happened because authorities ignored warning signs exposing Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold's murderous plans, the chairman of the Governor's Columbine Review Commission said as he released the panel's final report...The commission also stated that police should have rushed into the building once the bullets started flying.

The report, which breaks little new ground and offers recommendations already in use, provokes praise and criticism.

The county sheriff denies that Eric Harris was an informant.

A columnist says Jefferson County, Colo., schools are in denial.

Earlier story: A parent of a slain Columbine student doesn't expect much from report.

To read or download the complete report, click here.

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