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Atlanta Catholic diocese pulls subsidies from two elementary schools

The Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta will move forward with plans to create a regional school on an existing campus in Decatur, Ga., but will allow two predominantly African-American parish schools in Atlanta to remain open without its financial assistance.

Other Catholic school developments: The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York has announced broad cutbacks that are likely to lead to the closing of six financially failing elementary schools, three in Manhattan and the others in Rockland, Dutchess and Ulster Counties (New York Times)....Philadelphia's population loss has hurt not only the city's public schools, but also the city's Catholic schools, particularly elementary schools. Diocese officials say enrollment in Philadelphia's parish elementary schools has declined by 25,000 since 1980. Since 1990, at least 15 schools have been closed or consolidated with another parish because they have too few students. (Philadelphia Daily News)

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