SECURITY RESOURCES: School Shootings Shine Spotlight on Security and Safety

Oct. 11, 2006
In the wake of several fatal shootings on campuses, schools and universities across the nation can use American School & University as a resource to keep their campuses safe and well-protected.

Five female students are shot to death by a gunman who takes over an Amish school in rural Pennsylvania. A high school student taken hostage in a Colorado high school is gunned down by the intruder. A principal at a Wisconsin school is fatally shot by a high school student.

In just a few days, school administrators from coast to coast were given graphic evidence of the need for a comprehensive effort to keep their campuses well-protected and their students and staff safe from harm.

In the years since the Columbine school tragedy led schools and universities nationwide to re-evaluate and re-invigorate their security efforts, American School & Unviersity magazine has been a resource for educators and administrators seeking information and guidance about the latest trends and approaches in school security and life safety.

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