Rendering of science building under construction at the University of WisconsinStevens Point HOK, Potter Lawson
<p>Rendering of science building under construction at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.</p>

Science facility under construction at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

$75 million building is the first major, free-standing academic facility built on campus since 1971.

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has begun construction of a $75 million, 176,500-square-foot facility for chemistry and biology.

The four-story academic and research facility is the first major freestanding academic facility to be built on the Stevens Point campus since 1971. The university says the building will contain three 48-seat classrooms, two 24-seat classrooms, two 96-seat lecture halls and research and teaching labs for biology and chemistry on each floor. Flexible room configurations combined with modern technology will support hands-on learning and student research. The facility also will house faculty and staff offices and a tropical conservatory.

The new Chemistry Biology Building will be situated along a major campus pathway that connects student housing with the university’s’ social amenity spaces.

The facility has been designed to put science on display with electronic kiosks and visibility into biology labs and the tropical conservatory, which will be open to all students and visitors. Teaching spaces also will be clearly visible to students and campus visitors.

Research, instructional and prep spaces are positioned close to each other to integrate academic and research functions and to enable equipment sharing. Classroom configurations will be flexible and include movable furniture that accommodates collaboration among teams of varying sizes.

The design has incorporated several sustainable design strategies. Large windows will optimize daylighting, and the mechanical and electrical systems are highly efficient. The facility is projected to use 40 percent less energy and 26 percent less water compared with a conventional design. In addition to the conservatory, green space around the building includes bioswales and rain gardens. The third floor has an outdoor patio with a rooftop garden and space for casual gatherings.

Construction of the building is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

The architects are HOK and Potter Lawson. The contractor is Miron Construction.

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