A rendering of plans for The Village which will provide housing for about 2000 students at the University of South Florida University of South Florida

A rendering of plans for The Village, which will provide housing for about 2,000 students at the University of South Florida.

Plans for 2,000-student housing development move forward at University of South Florida

First two of five residence halls are scheduled to open next year on Tampa campus.

The University of South Florida in Tampa has unveiled the name of its $133 million housing development, along with the names of the five residence halls that comprise the project.

WUSF News reports that The Village will consist of five halls - Beacon, Endeavor, Horizon, Pinnacle and Summit - and have beds for about 2,000 students. That will increase the number of beds on the Tampa campus to almost 6,500.

The Village will have a dining facility called "The Hub," a fitness center and outdoor pool named "The Fit," and retail spaces, including a grocery store.

University System President Judy Genshaft says that it's important for The Village to offer more than just a place for students to sleep.

"It makes living on campus fun, exciting," she says. "We want students to connect with one another and to belong, to be a part of the student experience. This is about far more than steel beams and concrete moving into place to form stunning new residence halls. It's about reinforcing the foundation of student success at USF for generations to come."

The first two new halls in The Village, along with the dining facility and fitness center, are scheduled to open in 2017; the final three halls in fall 2018.

The project is being funded through a public-private partnership between the university and developer Capstone-Harrison Street. It's the largest housing project ever approved by the Florida Board of Governors.

The university says Capstone-Harrison Street will be responsible for financing, building and operating The Village. In return, it will receive the rent from the students. The university will lease the land to Capstone-Harrison and receive $317 million over 52 years.

MORE: YouTube video from University of South Florida:

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