James Monroe Elementary was destroyed by fire in March 2014 WNBC-TV
<p>James Monroe Elementary was destroyed by fire in March 2014.</p>

New elementary school in Edison, N.J., is replacing campus destroyed in fire

A March 2014 fire destroyed James Monroe Elementary.

The Edison Township (N.J.) district is preparing to open a new elementary school building to replace on destroyed in a 2014 fire.

WNBC-TV reports that the rebuiltĀ James Monroe Elementary campus is scheduled to welcome students on Jan. 3.

"We turned what seemed a tragic situation into a seamless, positive transition to a new school building," Edison Superintendent Thomas O'Malley said in a letter to James Monroe parents.

The old school, built in 1963, was destroyed in a March 2014 fire. An investigation concluded that the fire probably was caused by a cigarette discarded by a custodian, but prosecutors did not have enough evidence to bring charges.

Following the fire, the district was able to move displaced students to a vacant Catholic school, St. Cecelia's, in Woodbridge Township. Classes have been held there since then.

Video from WNBC-TV:

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