Bullard High School in Fresno has opened a twostory academic building Fresno Unified School Disgtrict

Bullard High School in Fresno has opened a two-story academic building.

New academic building opens at high school in Fresno

Two-story facility adds 24 classrooms at Bullard High School

The Fresno (Calif.) Unified District has opened a new academic building at Bullard High School.

The district says the two-story facility adds about 38,000 square feet to the school. The new space has 24 classrooms and a conference room on each floor for teachers to use for collaborative and independent work. It also includes two classrooms for students with special needs and an elevator.

High-definition security cameras cover both the interior areas of the building as well as large areas of the adjacent site.

All lighting is LED, which uses significantly less energy than fluorescent and lasts much longer, which saves on utility and maintenance costs. The infrastructure includes conduit and additional structural roof support for the future installation of solar panels and equipment.

Funding for the project came from a $280 million bond proposal approved by voters in November 2010.

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