A rendering of what a kindergartenonly campus in the Mulkiteo Wash district may look like Mukilteo School District

A rendering of what a kindergarten-only campus in the Mulkiteo (Wash.) district may look like.

Mukilteo (Wash.) district plans a kindergarten-only building

600-student facility is being designed specifically to accommodate 5- and 6-year-olds.

The Mukilteo (Wash.) district is planning to build a 600-student campus to house only kindergartners.

The district says the kindergarten center will be built on the campus of an elementary school in Everett and is scheduled to open in 2017.

The facility will be designed to ease the stress of students having their first schooling experience. Their movement within the school will be minimized, and the facility will be broken down into clusters of that it feels smaller.

The 24 classrooms contained within the school will be clustered into four, six-classroom pods that will be situated in two separate wings of the building.

Each pod will have its own dining area and places to gather in large and small groups, and each wing will have its own play area. The pods also will have shared areas outside of the individual classrooms that will accommodate breakout groups and messy projects.

The architect is DLR Group of Seattle.

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