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RTRBuilding Project Plans_Page_1.jpg Russell-Tyler-Ruthton Public Schools
Rendering of K-12 school under construction in Tyler, Minn.

Minnesota district breaks ground on K-12 campus

The Russell-Tyler-Ruthton district is replacing 3 schools with a single districtwide campus.

The Russell-Tyler-Ruthton (Minn.) district has broken ground on K-12 campus in Tyler that will replace the district's three-school configuration.

The Marshall Independent reports that the $35 million campus is scheduled to be completed for the 2022-23 school year.

A crowd of about 300 people gathered in the middle of a farm field on the west edge of Tyler to kick off construction for the new campus.

“A lot of people worked very hard for this,” RTR Superintendent Dave Marlette said. â€œWe really appreciate it. Our new school never would have happened without the support of many people from throughout the district.”

Voters in the district, which includes the cities of Tyler, Russell, Ruthton and Florence as well as a group of townships, approved funds for the project in February.

The new school will replace a K-5 elementary school in Ruthton, a 6-8 grade junior high in Russell and a senior high for grades 9-12 in Tyler.

When the new school has opened, the district will trade the old high school campus in Tyler for 140 acres of land on the new school site. The city of Tyler plans to convert the old school property to residential housing. 


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