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Maine's most expensive high school welcomes students

The Sanford High School and Regional Technical Center in Sanford cost $100 million

What is being billed as the most expensive school in the state of Maine has opened in Sanford.

WMTW-TV reports that students arrived Wednesday morning for the first day of classes at the $100 million Sanford High School and Regional Technical Center.

Lavallee Brensinger Architects, which designed the 330,000-square-foot school, says the campus "will be a model for integrated secondary education which focuses on 21st-century learning."

The focus of the new facility will be on flexibility and the integration of technology, the architects say. The program will have four distinct career pathways: Arts and Communications, Science and Technology, Business and Management, and Health and Human Services.

The project places the high school program on the same campus as the technical center.

The opening of the campus had been delayed from the start of the school year by code problems and vandalism, school officials say.

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