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The existing Central Elementary in Fairfield Ohio will be torn down after a replacement building opens in 2017 Fairfield City School District
<p>The existing Central Elementary in Fairfield, Ohio, will be torn down after a replacement building opens in 2017.</p>

Fairfield (Ohio) district gets ready to build 3 new school buildings

$80 million project will replace an elementary school and a building for freshmen, and build a new elementary.

Fairfield (Ohio) City School District is preparing to begin construction of three school facilities that will bring about a reconfiguration of the schools.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the district is expected to begin site work later this month for the three schools: a new elementary--Fairfield's sixth; a building to replace the aging Central Elementary; and a replacement freshman school.

The district says that when the $80 million project is completed and the new facilities open in 2017, Fairfield will move fifth-graders from the intermediate school to elementary schools and move sixth-graders from the intermediate school to middle school.

Fairfield would convert the intermediate school to a second middle school, and grades six through eight would attend middle school.

The freshman facility would be built on the same campus as the existing high school.

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