The site plan for the Davis Utah district39s 10th high school Davis School District
<p>The site plan for the Davis (Utah) district&#39;s 10th high school.</p>

Davis (Utah) district begins construction of its 10th high school

2,000-student campus will be situated in Farmington, Utah

The Davis (Utah) district has begun construction of its 10th high school and the first that will be situated in Farmington.

The Deseret News reports that when the school opens in 2018, it will relieve crowding at several campuses. At full capacity, the new school will be able to accommodate 2,000 students in grades 10 through 12.

The 70,000-student district has added 3,800 students since 2010 and anticipates enrollment growth to continue.

The project is the first of several that is being funded by a $298 million bond issue that voters approved last year.

In an effort to maximize space, the new high school has been designed to operate more like a college campus. Classrooms will come in various sizes, enabling planners to configure each room for its most appropriate use. Teachers will have their own offices, and each classroom will be shared between several instructors, depending on layout needs.

The school also will have enough Wi-Fi bandwidth to handle up to five devices per student.

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