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The Monta Vista High School cafeteria in California which was replaced with a twostory building with outdoor seating and an amphitheater Photo credit: Overaa Construction
<p>The Monta Vista High School cafeteria in California, which was replaced with a two-story building with outdoor seating and an amphitheater. </p>

California school's new facility houses cafeteria, classrooms

Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, Calif., razed its old cafeteria and replaced it with a two-story building designated for both food services and learning.

The two-story building will house a cafeteria and six new classrooms, including space for computer labs. The $9.7 million project was funded through Fremont Union High School District’s 2008 bond program, which includes $198 million in construction work across the district.

Photo credit: Overaa Construction

The new building, and its accompanying outdoor seating and amphitheater, garnered high praise from the student body when it opened its doors to students in late April, several weeks earlier than projected.

“It’s really futuristic looking,” student Kevin Xia told the school’s media outlet, El Estoque. “When I walked into the cafeteria, I saw the food and it’s pretty much the same, but the environment is just different and it’s new and the food somehow tastes better that way.”

Deems Lewis McKinley Architects designed the building. C. Overaa & Company is the contractor.

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