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Acton Academy Austin Texas
<p> Acton Academy, Austin, Texas</p>

Acton Academy's First-Class Campus

The new campus of Acton Academy, Austin, Texas, will open August 2013.

The new campus of Acton Academy, Austin, Texas, a nationally honored blended school, has a targeted opening of August 2013. The new four-acre campus, adjacent to Capital Metro’s MLK Train Station, will replace its current temporary location on the grounds of Acton School of Business.

The school’s design centers on its students, combining the joy and intimacy of a one-room schoolhouse with the magic of modern technology, facilitating Acton’s project-based curriculum, which focuses on lively mentoring, critical thinking and self mastery, guiding students with their adventures in learning.

The first phase of the new campus will have elementary, middle and high school facilities. Its flexible spaces can be adjusted to the needs of the evolving programs and curriculum. The private elementary and middle school, specializing in Montessori and Socratic teaching methods, plans to expand its curriculum to include high school education within the next two years.

Hatch + Ulland Owen Architects (H+UO) (Austin) is architect for the project.

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