Renovations continue at Salem High School Salem School District

Renovations continue at Salem High School.

$75 million upgrade to transform high school in Salem, N.H.

Renovations at Salem High School will be finished in 2018.

Nearly 1,300 students are attending Salem High School in Salem, N.H., while the campus undergoes a $75 million renovation.

The Eagle-Tribune reports that the Salem School District began work on the project last year. the upgrades, he first major renovations the school has received since it opened about 50 years ago, are slated for completion by the start of the 2018 school year. The added space will enable the school to eliminate the use of 12 portable classrooms.

After setting up temporary entrances and offices, construction workers began renovating the cafeteria, kitchen space and gymnasium. When those spaces were finished, attention turned to the demolition and reconstruction of the school auditorium as well as the construction of a four-court gymnasium.

While construction is ongoing, half of the gym space will be used for physical education classes and half will be used as classrooms.

A music and performing arts center is expected to be finished by early December.

"This performing arts center is not just for students," Principal Tracy Collyer says. "We want it to be for the community to draw some outside acts and talent. It's going to include an orchestra pit, dressing rooms in the back and a storage area."

On the other side of the school, the career and technical education wing will add space for a new cosmetology program, as well as established programs such as culinary arts and automotive technology.

MORE Video from the Salem district on the renovations:

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