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Hillsborough Elementary School in the Orange County NC district is one of 88 schools with singletrack extended schedules that would have been forced to adopt a traditional calendar Hillsborough Elementary School
<p>Hillsborough Elementary School in the Orange County (N.C.) district is one of 88 schools with single-track extended schedules that would have been forced to adopt a traditional calendar.</p>

Year-round schools in North Carolina will be allowed to keep their schedules

Legislature drops proposal that would have forced many schools to adopt a traditional schedule.

A proposal that could have forced dozens of year-round schools in North Carolina to switch to a traditional calendar is dead for now, but the tourism industry isn’t giving up on the issue.

The Raleigh News & Observer reports that a state budget compromise unveiled this week doesn’t include wording from a Senate plan that would have restricted the kinds of schools allowed to have year-round schedules.

That provision would have permitted year-round schedules only at schools using multitracks in which students are split into four rotating groups.

Families at single-track year-round schools, in which all students are on the same schedule, feared their schools would be forced to adopt a traditional calendar. North Carolina has 88 such schools.

A group called Save NC Year-Round Schools expressed relief that the change was not imposed on single-track schools.

Tourism representatives advocated for placing restrictions on year-round schools because they believe long summer breaks make it easier for families to take vacations and engage in other tourist activities.

In 2004, the state legislature exempted year-round schools when it passed a law preventing traditional-calendar schools from starting before late August and ending after mid-June.

Legislators also exempted a type of year-round schedule called modified-calendar schools but said no more could be added. But the calendar law doesn’t define what are considered year-round or modified-calendar schools.

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