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Rains wreak havoc on Los Angeles school roofs

Rains wreak havoc on Los Angeles school roofs

Maintenance staff is inundated with requests to repair leaking roofs

Rainstorms last week in Southern California have put a big strain on maintenance workers in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The Los Angeles Times reports that after rains from El NiƱo descended on the area, workers in the nation's second-largest district were inundated with rain-related service requests.

As of Friday, the district had a backlog of 1,167 unresolved rain-related issues.

Most of the reported problems are attributed to leaks from aging roofs in a number of the school system's 13,000 buildings. Maintenance officials say workers can address only 40 to 50 service requests, leading to a significant backlog.

The school board is scheduled later this week to consider whether to allocate more money to replacing some of the older roofs.

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