The Top Ten Products


  1. Digital video recording TAC

    I/NET Seven security solution with Integral Technologies' powerful digital video recording (DVR) technology results in a single, easy-to-use platform that allows users to view live and recorded digital video through their I/NET Seven workstations. The digital video management (DVM) systems accommodate an unlimited number of cameras in multiple locations.

    Circle 300 for more information

  2. Emergency lighting HighLites

    HL Series is a family of self-contained, automatic, “wall-hugging” emergency lighting units that provide adjustable or fixed lens, glareless light distribution when line voltage is interrupted. An internal solid-state transfer switch automatically connects the battery to the HL's dual lamp heads whenever power fails.

    Circle 301 for more information

  3. Carpet tiles Lees

    The 24-inch by 24-inch ArtLink modular carpet tiles are manufactured with Antron Legacy EPP nylon with high-recycled content. The Duracolor patented stain-resistant dye technology is integrated into carpet fiber rather than applied topically to provide permanent stain, soil and fade resistance.

    Circle 302 for more information

  4. Heavy-duty flooring Altro

    A new version of the Altro Stronghold 30 line of heavy-duty, slip-resistant flooring is available in eight new colors. It fits demanding areas where the floor often is wet or greasy, such as food-preparation areas. Altro Original Easyclean Technology is incorporated into the product, making the floor easier to clean without compromising slip resistance or durability.

    Circle 303 for more information

  5. Energy-saving lighting EYE Lighting

    Multi-Metal Ignitek 360W and 400W lamps can be used in high- and low-bay applications. They are ideal for upgrading facilities and saving energy without initial system costs. They can operate on existing 400W metal-halide ballasts and save 40 watts of power per lamp compared with standard 400W lamps.

    Circle 304 for more information

  6. Peroxide concentrate Essential Industries

    Peroxide Concentrate (#519) is a hard-working detergent concentrate that uses the stain-removing power of hydrogen peroxide, combined with a heavy-duty soil-removing surfactant blend, to deep clean almost any surface. It can be used on water-safe surfaces to de-stain, clean and degrease.

    Circle 305 for more information

  7. Pole-mounted lighting Hydrel

    G2EXTEND pedestrian pole-mounted lighting combines the G2 design with four full cutoff optical distributions. The dome or wedge-shaped housings extend from extruded aluminum poles. Just 3.5; inches wide, the luminaries disappear in straight-on view, while hovering in side view over illuminated paths.

    Circle 306 for more information

  8. Graffiti cleanup Chemprobe Coating Systems, LP.

    Series 626 Dur A Pell GS (Graffic Shield) is a silicone rubber-based barrier that prevents paints from sticking permanently to the surface of structures treated with this coating. It withstands acrylic latex paints, enamel spray paints and markers. Graffiti can be removed easily with a Series 680 Mark A Way citrus cleaner.

    Circle 307 for more information

  9. Cleaning tool ProTeam

    The Jet Sweep is a 20-inch, hard-floor tool that cleans efficiently while protecting indoor air quality. It removes soil while reducing airborne dust. The tool fits all ProTeam aluminum vacuum wands.

    Circle 308 for more information

  10. Desktop task light Waldmann Lighting

    The Montreaux task light provides energy efficiency by incorporating a cool-to-the-touch, 18-watt compact fluorescent lamp that provides 10,000 hours of lamp life, 1100 lumen output and 4100K color temperature. The parabolic louver spreads light evenly over work surfaces and eliminates glare from any computer position.

    Circle 309 for more information

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