The Top Ten Products

In 2000, AS&U showcased some of the hottest products in the industry. Following are the 10 most requested, as determined by readers.

1 Concrete coating Miracote's protective concrete coating meets the requirements of the ADA for slip resistance for flat surfaces and ramps. The coating also is durable and salt- and water-retardant, making it ideal for ramps, walkways and parking decks. The coating is unaffected by exposure to gasoline, oil and de-icing salts, and prevents or retards freeze-thaw scaling of concrete. It is classified as a breathable coating, which releases normal entrapped vapor without loosening or blistering.

2 Floor covering Dex-O-Tex is offering terracolor flooring, a flooring option for restrooms. The flooring is a thin section that consists of multicolored natural aggregates embedded in a pigmented epoxy matrix, and is available in 18 color combinations. It incorporates clear epoxy filler and sealer coats that resist heavy abuse and impact.

3 Playground surface PlayFlex, a new urethane binder for playgrounds from Futura Coatings is a cushioned safety surface for playgrounds. The product permanently binds granulated rubber particles into a cushioned blanket of protection. The product can be spray-applied or machine/hand-lain, and also can be used as a primer coat over asphalt concrete surfaces when diluted.

4 Shower floor Zurn has introduced a new shower floor for its Jonespec line. The flooring features a sleek, rippled design with soft contours and rounded edges. Two styles, square and pentagonal, are available in six model sizes. The non-porous surface includes stain-, thermal- and shock-resistant features.

5 Lamp-disposal system Air Cycle is offering the Bulb-Eater, a high-volume fluorescent-lamp-disposal system. It meets the EPA's guidelines that ban fluorescent lamps from landfill disposal. The product, which crushes spent lamps into recyclable material, is mounted to a 55-gallon drum that can hold more than 800 four-foot lamps for recycling. The product uses a three-stage filtering system to remove hazardous particles and gases.

6 Floor covering The new Solenium resilient textile floor covering from Interface is now available. The flooring product combines the wear and maintenance properties of vinyl with the style, comfort and other benefits of carpet. Solenium is constructed with yarn made with Shell Chemical's Corterra, a polytrimethylene terephthalate that can be spun into fibers and yarns.

7 Toilet partitions Bobrick is offering DuraLine toilet partitions, constructed of a water-resistant solid phenolic core and available in 20 colors. The partitions also feature polished black edges to aid in maintenance and prevent vandalism. Various models meet Class A and B fire-resistance standards and are available with full-height hinges, shock-resistant door latches and vinyl-coated doorstops.

8 Metering faucet Moen is offering its Sani-Stream line of faucets, available in single-mount, single-mount with escutcheon and a 4-inch centerset. Each faucet features chrome-plated solid-brass construction and vandal-resistant handles. A 1/2 -gallon-per-minute aerator also is included to conserve water.

9 Vending machine Protocol LLC has announced an over-the-counter medication vending machine, [email protected] The machine has a slim design that can be mounted unobtrusively on a wall or on a stand.

10 Junction box Carlon has introduced the Junction Box with curved lid. The nonmetallic box lid mounts flush against a curved 24-inch diameter concrete pier. Inside, the remainder of the box creates a large, enclosed workspace that makes construction and post-installation maintenance more efficient.

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