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Top Products of 2006

*As Determined by Reader Requests

Rank Product Company Description
1 Waterfree urinal DVD Falcon Waterfree Technologies The free DVD demonstrates how waterfree urinals work and also provides step-by-step instructions for installation and maintenance.
Circle 300 for more
2 Ultimate Safety Tread Sure-Foot Industries Corp. The Ultimate Safety Tread has two safety strips — one that glows in the dark and one that reflects light to provide increased visibility and protection in dimly lit areas.
Circle 301 for more
3 OmniScape Capture OmniScape is an ultra-wide megapixel camera that maintains 360-degree surveillance with pan-tilt-zoom technology and no moving parts.
Circle 302 for more
4 White•Knight liquid urethane waterproofing membrane The Garland Co. The membrane is a cost-effective way to upgrade the performance of single-ply roof systems. Its self-priming properties allow easy, one-step roll or spray application.
Circle 303 for more
5 Carpet maintenance MilliCare The dry, powder-based system is an alternative to the traditional hot-water extraction method of cleaning carpets and requires no drying time.
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6 Board Converter Expo The Board Converter is an easy way to convert damaged or worn chalkboards or whiteboards into a new dry-erase surface.
Circle 305 for more
7 CasterTire Floor Saver Expanded Technologies CasterTire Floor Saver fits over hard plastic casters to prevent floor damage. It is made of soft, non-marking vinyl that allows the caster to roll smoothly over dirt or particles on the floor.
Circle 306 for more
8 Model 652 Windlock door U.S. Door The Model 652 Windlock door is designed to resist hurricane-force winds and is compliant with most coastal building code requirements. It is suitable for sizes up to 20 feet by 14 feet.
Circle 307 for more
9 Spectrum Series White Light Illuminators Extreme CCTV Spectrum Series White Light Illuminators are designed for technical nighttime surveillance, using a mired shift filter that counteracts color distortions caused by conventional light sources such as high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps.
Circle 308 for more
10 Optanium 2.0 high-efficiency electronic ballasts Advance The ballasts with IntelliVolt multi-voltage technology incorporate Advance's True Performance Technology engineering and optimize lumen-per-watt performance, enabling T8 lighting systems to reach their full potential.
Circle 309 for more
11 MICORE Brand Mineral Fiber Board USG Corporation MICORE Brand Mineral Fiber Board meets stringent standards for low emissions of VOCs and formaldehyde. Made with inorganic mineral fibers, it is nearly 50 percent lighter than particle board.
Circle 310 for more
12 Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning (PTAC) UVC Kit Steril-Aire The Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning (PTAC) UVC Kit provides energy savings, mold and IAQ control. Each kit contains one UVC Emitter and power supply, plus all necessary hardware to retrofit a PTAC coil or other room unit with UVC.
Circle 311 for more
13 ControLite all-in-one daylighting system CPI Daylighting ControLite all-in-one daylighting system controls the amount of natural light from dark to bright without blinds, shades or curtains. Its design offers automatic or manual operation.
Circle 312 for more
14 E-Plex 5200 and 5700 Kaba Access Control The E-Plex 5200 and 5700 are extensions of the E-Plex 5000 Series, and can have up to 3,000 users and a 30,000-event audit trail. Each lock also holds up to 16 access schedules and 32 programmable holiday/vacation blocks.
Circle 313 for more
15 BEACON sound system Anchor Audio BEACON is a fully featured sound system within a self-contained, durable enclosure that brings high-fidelity sound quality to any remote location, and it doesn't require an audio engineer to operate. With “plug-and-play” design, users simply roll it into place, open it up and start broadcasting speech or music.
Circle 314 for more
16 Guardian 275 Translucent Daylighting Panels Major Industries The panels offer a new feature: the Ultimate Series exterior face sheet withstands temperature fluctuations, “acid rain,” smog and seismic vibration up to a specified structural limit without cracking or shattering.
Circle 315 for more
17 Contract Vinyl FLEXCO Contract Vinyl is self-covering and heat-weldable with matching or contrasting beads that create a monolithic, watertight and hygienic floor. It is a 1/8-gauge solid vinyl tile that combines the durability of homogenous vinyl with performance for high-traffic areas.
Circle 316 for more
18 Pinnacle Plus Roppe Corp. The sculpted profile wall base line is made of a 1/8-inch-thick Type TS rubber compound that allows the installer to wrap or miter corners on-site. It provides a PVC-free solution with subtle lines that promote high design finish with green attributes.
Circle 317 for more
19 One-X Deskphone Edition IP Phones Avaya New applications include time reporting, automated conference call reminders, integrated corporate directory access with contact search and solutions designed specifically for education environments.
Circle 318 for more
20 Universal Table R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc. The Universal Table is accessible to wheelchairs at both ends, and it offers full-capacity seating. These tables can be 6-, 8-, 10- or 12-feet long, and meet or exceed ADA guidelines.
Circle 319 for more
21 2006 catalog Action Floor Systems The catalog details its line of hardwood sports floor systems in 12 pages. It features two new systems, along with specifications for 16 other subfloor systems. Specifications on the AirThrust natural rubber pads also are included.
Circle 320 for more
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