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The Top 10 Products of 2007

The top products of 2007 as determined by readers.

  1. Court design 

    Taraflex/Gerflor. The Taraflex website,, helps users design their own basketball or volleyball court online. They can sign up and take the AIA learning course, “The Fundamentals of Sports Flooring,” on the site. Architects can download technical information, including specifications for all Taraflex products. The site includes four product categories, 11 product lines, 34 color choices, photo display of installations, press releases and company background.
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  2. K-12 student chair 

    Smith System. The Intuit chair is contemporary and sustainable, as well as ergonomically friendly and affordable. It features advanced lumbar support, a waterfall seat front, ergonomic handhold, intuitive stacking design that reduces storage space requirements, and durable construction made with recyclable materials. The chair is available in a variety of sizes and configurations for K-12 students.
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  3. Cafeteria table 

    Sico. The design of the Graduate Table with benches meets the needs of lunchrooms and multipurpose rooms in K-12 school environments. The spacious 60-inch by 54-inch table maximizes seating space for up to 12 or more students, depending on their size, and offers 17 feet of bench room for added comfort. The table's shape brings students together so they can visit easily. The table comes in multiple heights for elementary and secondary environments.
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  4. Modular housing 

    Kullman/Garrison Architects. The SIMPLE (Scalable Innovative Modularly Produced Living Environment) student-housing system combines predesigned buildings with a quality modular manufacturing process, providing fast construction. One major benefit of this approach is cost; the buildings can be delivered quickly and in a predictable manner, making the combined savings in alternative housing, construction financing and contractors' conditions add up. Designed to suit a variety of contexts, the system can create continuous street fronts or independent buildings in a variety of materials.
    Circle 303 for more information -

  5. Waterfree urinals 

    Sloan Valve Co. Narrow-profile waterfree urinal models WES-4000 and WES-5000 provide the same water-conserving and low-maintenance benefits as Sloan's other waterfree urinals, but require a smaller footprint. They feature touch-free, mechanical-free design and use no water. They use a proprietary cartridge installed at the base of the urinal, which holds a sealant liquid that forms a barrier between the open air above and the urine below, preventing odors from escaping.
    Circle 304 for more information -

  6. Smoke detector 

    System Sensor. The intelligent, single-ended, reflected-type BEAM200 smoke detectors protect open areas with high ceilings where other methods of smoke detection are difficult to install and maintain. Alignment via an optical sight and a two-digit signal strength meter makes it easy to install. Listed for operation from -22°F to 131°F, it provides 16-foot to 328-foot protection coverage.
    Circle 305 for more information -

  7. Contract management 

    TrakSoft. Contract Analyst version 2.0 is an all-inclusive contract-management system with a built-in Ad Hoc Report Writer. It provides step-by-step procedures to guide users through the full contracting process — from initial analysis to closing the contract. Users can work their way through a cost-benefit/risk analysis prior to preparing a request for proposal. They can advertise the project for bid and keep track of various processes such as advertisement production tracking, mailings, proposal requirements and scoring. The Ad Hoc Report Writer allows users to create and save any type of report on any data maintained in the database.
    Circle 306 for more information -

  8. Wall systems 

    Vistawall. Thermal entrances, which include a thermally broken door and frame, are manufactured in narrow, medium and wide stile doors. They come in sizes up to 4 feet by 8 feet and accept 1-inch glass infills. The entrances are engineered for the Vistawall FG-3000 Thermal MultiPlane and HP-1750 Window Wall storefront systems, as well as for the CW-250 curtainwall system.
    Circle 307 for more information -

  9. Retrofit systems course 

    MBCI. A new course named “Retrofit Roof Systems,” which focuses on retrofitting existing buildings with metal roofing, has been added to MBCI's AIA-approved program. The course includes learning objectives on various applications, informed comparisons between retrofitting with metal vs. conventional re-roofing methods, fundamental design/layout of framing systems, and the proper planning process and preparation of bid documents.
    Circle 308 for more information -

  10. Laboratory products 

    Chicago Faucets. A new catalog features Chicago Faucets' extensive line of laboratory and safety products, including fittings, turrets, flanges, valves and more. The laboratory products feature cast-brass construction and the durability of heavy nickel plate under triple-chrome plating. Interchangeable spout designs and hose ends that can accommodate a variety of hose sizes achieve maximum versatility. 

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