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Special Section: Product Solutions

Absorbing sound

Acoustical products control noise in high school gymnasium

illbruck Architectural Products

The poor acoustics in the gymnasium of Chartiers Valley High School, Bridgeville, Pa., made its sound system ineffective during school assemblies and sporting events. The gymnasium has a main gym with two additional gyms above it and seats 5,000 people for sporting events, competitions and assemblies.

A reverberation test was done in the gym to determine the actual time it takes for a loud sound to dissipate by 60 decibels. The reverberation time in the untreated gym was about 4.5 seconds. The recommended reverberation time is 2.0 seconds.

SONEXvalueline Baffles were hung from the gym's ceiling to absorb sound on both sides and to provide maximum acoustical control. The Class 1 fire-rated baffles were designed to match the school's colors.

FABRITEC Wall Panels were used for additional sound absorption. More than 250 baffles and 2,500 square feet of absorptive materials were installed. The panels are designed to absorb noise at a wide range of frequencies and have a noise reduction coefficient of 0.80. They absorb 80 to 85 percent of sound directed at them.

Testing after the installation measured the reverberation time at 1.41 seconds, a more than two-third reduction from the previous reverberation time.
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Flooring color options

Gerflor Sports Flooring

Taraflex ActionSport 45 is adding two wood shades to its color choices. The newly available Maple and Oak designs join the selection of 11 colors. ActionSport 45 is a 4.5-millimeter-thick flooring that can be used for multipurpose applications, basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer. Its smooth surface does not attract dust, is easily cleaned by mopping and never needs waxing.
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Buyers' guide

U.S. Tennis Court & Track Builders Association

The Buyers' Guide for Synthetic Turf Field Construction includes useful information on defining needs, developing a budget, using a consultant, choosing a site, selecting a surface, hiring a contractor and other related issues. It also contains a list of resources including governing bodies and published specifications. It is available at
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Athletic seating

Southern Bleacher Company

The Elite Seat is designed for comfort and versatility. It offers a colorful option over aluminum plank seating and is easily adaptable for use in existing facilities. It can be installed creatively for individualized venues. UV-protected, blow-molded plastic seats are mechanically fastened to aluminum benches for maximum comfort and safety.
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Control center


The Powr-Touch II control center accelerates the keyless switchover of equipment in large gymnasiums and fieldhouses through a TouchPad electrical control system that can raise or lower up to four basketball backstops simultaneously. The TouchPad manages the operation of up to 160 devices such as basketball backstops, gym divider curtains, overhead volleyball systems and batting cages. It also can supply power to the lighting and scoreboards in the gym.
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Lighting control

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

GRAFIK 7000 Centralized Lighting Control System allows lighting automation technologies to be customized. It offers advanced hardware capabilities and customizable user interfaces for integration of dimming, motorized draperies and shades, and daylighting. The system can provide control of a facility's lighting scheme including dimming luxury box areas, switching in corridors and parking lots, and lighting control on a playing field.
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Sporting equipment storage

Pool Shot Products

The storage cart features a locking cover to protect sporting equipment from theft. Engineered from 3/8-inch powder-coated steel wire construction for long-term durability, safety and rust resistance, the lockable storage cart can be used indoors and outdoors. Mounted atop four rugged, 3-inch wheels that swivel 360 degrees, the cart can roll easily onto courts or fields and can be stored in plain view with minimal risk.
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Bicycle lockers

Cycle-safe Inc.

ProPark bicycle lockers provide twice the storage capacity of single-tiered lockers without taking up any more property. The lockers' modular design allows them to be moved and reconfigured as needed. Each unit holds two bicycles, so a stacked pair stores four bikes in a compact, deep area. Double-tiered lockers are more than 8 feet tall, and upper units are easy to use.
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Playground cover

GroundScape Technologies

GroundScape Kids is a safety surface for outdoor recreational areas. Made from clean, nontoxic, shredded recycled rubber, it is easy to install and almost maintenance-free. It is available in red, green, brown, blue, teal and cypress colors and in nugget or premium grades. It does not absorb water, attract animals or insects, or blow or wash away. It prohibits mold and fungus growth, meets non-flammability standards and has a lifetime performance guarantee.
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Mist fountain

Most Dependable Fountains

The Model 530 SM MISTER is designed to serve high-volume crowds by cooling off active sports participants before or after play with 13 misting heads. It is available in stainless steel and in nine free powder-coated colors. It comes standard with a stainless-steel mounting plate.
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